Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tempo Tuesday Story and Note to All

I've decided to do another Tempo Tuesday. Because I like them, and it's Tuesday, and I like music. So here we go.

Remember, I got the songs by doing a shuffle, taking the first five songs that I know well from it, writing those down, and coming up with a loose plot from meshing what all of the songs offer.

Here are the songs. "So Cold (Acoustic)" by Breaking Benjamin. I much prefer the acoustic to the regular version. It's feels desolate. Lyrically beautiful. And I love how his voice seems to crack on the words in this version. Sigh.

"Make Me Feel" by Amanda Perez. Talks about how she knows this is love because of how it makes her feel.

"Abracadabra" by the Steve Miller Band. Fun song. Getting antsy looking at a girl dressed in leather and lace…and wanting to grab her. Still a fun song. Makes me want to do the twist. I only watched a sec of this video, and it's ridiculous. Enjoy.

"Face Down" Red Jump Suit Apparatus. Best band name, right? I just like this song. It's high energy, but it's about domestic abuse (physical).

"Let's Get Married" by Jagged Edge. Self-explanatory. Ironically serves for a happy ending. I swear I feel like my iPod is cheating sometimes.

Let's see what we can do…

James wakes up every day feeling haunted. Every room he enters automatically goes down 15 degrees. He can see his breath when he talks, but only when he's alone. So he knows, after years of dealing with this, that he's never really alone, and whatever is with him is causing the temperature to dip.

One night, James grows frustrated and decides if he's going to be haunted, he should at least make the ghost useful. He asks it to show itself, tell him how it'll all end and to help him get Amanda to be with him.

The ghost shimmers to life, and she's beautiful. Her name is Ellisa, and she talks to him. He's mesmerized, and she tells him she's more than just a ghost. But she can't explain what else she is in his terms. She also agrees to tell him and help him as she can because James is the only one that has made her feel something.

Out of nowhere, Amanda appears, or a sluttier version of her. James is frightened, and the new Amanda really likes him. REALLY likes him and comes on strong. But this Amanda also tells him she can't be with him until he helps her get rid of the man who's been hurting her, her current boyfriend Ken.

James, with the help of his "ghost" Ellisa, figure out a plan to help Amanda with Ken, and it works. Amanda is free from abuse and is free to be with James. They marry, but all James feels is that he wishes he could have been with Ellisa.

Yeaaah. What'd you all think? I think eh, but it's okay I suppose. I'd love to see someone else do this challenge some Tuesday. Let me know if you up for it. (and let me read it because I would like that lol).

Has anyone ever used something like this to move their plot along? Or to make a plot in the first place? I'd be interested to know below.

And I have also given you several songs to write by :)

OH, and look out for a "My book is now available" announcement very soon. SO EXCITED!!! (yay)

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