Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stolen by Lucy Christopher, A Review

My first book review. My little blog is really growing up. If anyone out there likes it, maybe I’ll give it a whirl again. So, do let me know, won’t you?

All ratings are given out of a total of 5. This review is my opinion, and you should, as always, use your own discretion when reading it (AND I encourage you to read everything for yourself to see if you agree with me).

Stolen by Lucy Christopher


Christopher, Lucy. Stolen. New York: Scholastic, 2010.
Source: Checked out from library
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Cover ****

I love simplistic covers. They capture my attention more. I am always intrigued by a cover that can show so little but still make you want to pick it up. That’s definitely what happened with this cover. I am a butterfly person from way back, so I immediately felt drawn to it. The title page for this book is especially beautiful. It’s a two page spread of the title written in a similar font.

Plot: ***1/2

The premise for this book gets major points for being original. You know from the inside flap that the MC Gemma is going to be drugged by Ty and “stolen,” taken somewhere she isn’t familiar with. Not knowing what will actually happen to Gemma and between she and Ty is a major motivator to finish the book, which I did in a day and a half.

Style: ****

Christopher writes beautiful. The way she words things is especially well-written, but it isn’t so flowery that it brings you out of the story. Christopher lets Gemma’s words be believable yet poetic, and as a writer, I really appreciate that. However, there is one element that made the book interesting but was hard for me to get past when beginning the book, she refers to Ty as you, the reader. When Ty talks to Gemma, it would be said like “you talk to me saying,…” If that annoys you, I want to tell you I think it was worth the read. So stick through it.

Characters: ****1/2

Believability is huge with me. If I can’t think the MC or the MMC could be a real person, the book will fail for me. This book didn’t. I believed Gemma, and Ty, as confusing as he could be, was intriguing. He showed emotion, was hard to completely peg down, and he kept you flipping the pages, wanting to know what was next.

Stay Power: *****

When I finished this book, I wanted to give it a 3 1/2, but as I tried to go to sleep last night, I couldn’t. I kept thinking about Gemma and Ty, playing scenes over and over in my head. I don’t see them going anywhere soon, and the stars kept climbing as I kept noodling. This book has major staying power. You will be thinking about it one way or another after you finish it.

Overall, I’d say this book was a ****1/2 total. It was interesting; it kept my attention; I always wanted to know what happened; it had a beautiful cover; and it stuck with me even after I shut the book. I wouldn’t give it a complete 5 star because I reserve that for my all time favorites, but this is more than good, and I more than liked it.

If you’ve read it, what did you think about it, and if you want to read it, shout it out here!

Now to leave you with a song to write by, “Stab My Back” by The All-American Rejects

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  1. I think writing book reviews is a good idea. I have a lot of things on my To-Be-Read list - but I love adding more. And hearing someones thoughts on a book can change the priority.

    Also, I have never heard of this book and probably would not have - so again a good idea.

  2. I've heard a little about this book, but hadn't read a review yet. I love books that leave you thinking after you've finished them, so maybe I should try this. Great review!

  3. Thanks y'all! Maybe I'll keep this book blogging up. It'll keep me from repeating myself on the writing side (I hope...) :)

    Krista: I would. It definitely will stick with you, even if you didn't like it, and I see that as being a sign of a good book either way. (Although I did like it)

    Jenna: Thanks! I definitely support you trying it. It's worth a shot, most things are! (sort of...okay not really, but this is.)

  4. This story is just simply beautiful. So sweet and captivating. I enjoy how this book was written. I would recommend this book to all of my friends.

  5. Awesome review! Here's mine if you don't mind:

    Thanks and have a nice day! :)