About Me

I'm in my twenties. I love to write. To that point, my genres are pretty eclectic, but I tend to always end up back in YA. I love to read primarily YA and horror, and the occasional non-fiction, but I'm not ridiculous enough to rule anything out if it looks interesting.

I'm interested in writing professionally, and I am working on several projects now that I'd love to see published.I've loved writing since I was little. I've wanted to write regularly for a publication since I was six (literally, I have the pictures I took for it somewhere...), and so it's funny I only now have gotten a blog.

I'll be writing about writing, blogging about occasional randomness, and doing whatever I can that's both legal and within my power to make the blog interesting. I'd also be interested in feedback about anything you'd like to see or never see again as I start this blogging experience.