Review Policy

While I love this blog, at this point, I am unable to take on more review requests. I will be happy to do author interviews or plugs, but the reviews that I do in the future will be books chosen by me and on an indeterminate schedule. Thank you for your understanding and patience. I will update this page if any future changes occur or if I am able to take on new requests.

If I read a book, I'll review it (as long as I finish it). I will focus mainly on YA, and as far as submissions go, that is the main (if not almost the only genre) I'll consider.

I will also strive to be completely honest in my reviews (no sugarcoating). However, as an author myself, I know how horrible it would be to be chewed up excessively by reviewers, so I will be honest but cordial in my reviews, and I will always try to mention what could appeal to a reader, even if it didn't appeal to me.

I like:

YA paranormal romance
YA contemporary romance
As in, See: YA with ROMANCE (it's best I'm blunt about that)
Graphic Novels
New Adult Quirky Romance (i.e. early 20s romantic shenanigans)
And some straight-up romance (but no bodice ripping--see exceptions)

Basically, if it has a romantic element, I'll be preliminarily game to read it. If the YA does NOT have a romantic element, it'd have to be pretty darn fantastic to get me to finish it, let alone like it.


I don't like historical fiction. I haven't read one I've liked yet. While I will happily read into the future (as long as it's YA and semi-romantic-ish), it's best not to ask me to review the past. I know, I know. There are amazing historical fiction books I'm missing out on, and if you feel like telling me about them, I'd glad to hear about them, look them up, and even consider reading them, but I won't review them because I'm inclined not to like them from the get. 

Submission Policy:

I am very open to review books from traditional publishers within the YA and New Adult genres, and the occasional quirky romance. I'm only accepting Kindle books currently (due to overloaded shelves).

For indie books: I ask that you only contact me to review your book if it's a YA with a HEAVY romantic element. If it can't be classified as a romance, I probably won't be interested in using your book for a review for this blog. I'm self-published as well, so I understand the need to get the word out about your book. So if it does fall under the YA romance category, I can consider reviewing it, as time allows.

Accepting your book that does not guarantee that I will review it. I reserve the right to not review the book if I cannot/ do not finish it (due to lack of time or enough interest).


I like to read, LOVE to read, and I will read as much as I can, but I cannot (typically) give a guaranteed "reviewed by" date. If you are giving me an ARC copy, I will try my darndest to have it out early, accordingly to the time frame we discuss.


I will always give the source that I received the book from, be it publisher, library, Netgalley, or my own personal purchase. While I do have Amazon affiliate links, I will not now or ever receive compensation in exchange for a review (positive or negative).

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you are interested in having me consider reviewing your title. I am also open to author interviews (even if, for some reason, I cannot review your book). I can be reached writtled(at)blogspot(dot)com.