Friday, July 22, 2011

Me: Updated.

Today, I'm writing a good old-fashioned update about myself, book wise and t.v. wise.

I have finished the first third of my outline for my next book (WOOHOO). I'm digging it. It feels right.

I have finished everything I needed to do to get the self-publishing party started. I'm just waiting on one last thing beyond my control to push the final buttons. That does mean that I have a cover, but until the last thing happens, I'm going to be making other covers to see which one will actually be used. It's actually kind of fun.

I have watched the first four episodes of Pretty Little Liars, season 1, in case you were wondering.

I am all caught up on Hell's Kitchen and Master Chef.

AND, I am ecstatic to watch Platinum Hit tonight or tomorrow. Nick (not the best picture, but that's irrelevant). That's should be all I have to say. He's amazing. Seriously. Google that show and watch from the beginning--best decision you'll make today. Writers, I'm especially talking to you, but also referring to how all of humanity should be tuned in to this show.

P.S. I hate the Shark Tank comes on the same time as Platinum Hit. We'll see who wins since I have no DVR, and Platinum Hit is on demand. Who knows?

Now to leave you with a song to write by, "Animal" by Sky Ferreira. One of my favorite songs, and my favorite song by her, though I do <3 another one that I'm sure I'll mention later. So beautiful. 

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