Friday, July 29, 2011

I AM NOW (self) PUBLISHED: Glittering Ashes

Yes, bloggers, lurkers, causal passers by on the internet highways, I have officially clicked the publish buttons on Amazon, Smashwords, and PubIt!

I'm really excited about it. VERY "yelling over the internet in caps" excited about it. I just want people to read it and maybe even talk about it. I won't even say anything if that were to occur. I'd just sit back and giggle like a crazy.

Here's the blurb and cover art for my new book, Glittering Ashes:

At seventeen, Roe Daniels didn’t need to believe in fairy tales, she knew they didn’t exist. But when Roe moves to Gaudium Falls to be with her aunt, she finds the elusive friend, a love triangle turned square, and the magic that she would have bet six bucks never existed.

Within a new town Roe doesn’t trust enough to call home, she’ll find a place she knows is too good to get used to and too perfect to trust, and a boy also too close to that description to fall for. She’ll survive the contact with the world that feels so foreign to her and the boy who is big enough to shake that world and her life to its core, or she’ll watch everything she’s just beginning to know and to love burn to glittering ashes at her feet. 

AHH! Did I mention I was excited? Hopefully one (or lots more) of you will take a chance on me and give it a buy, and if you do, I'd love if you could review it. It would really mean a lot. I'm spreading the word by word of mouth, and I'm hoping you all will work your mouths too! (Weird. I know that sounded very weird, but the sentiment is real...)

Right now, it's available for purchase on Smashwords here. It'll be live on Amazon in the next 24-72 hours, or so they tell me. And PubIt! hates me, so we'll see when that one shows up. But if you did want a copy for your Nook, you can get that at Smashwords now. I also put together the paperback of the book, but I have to get the proof before that one goes live. I'm sure I'll tell y'all the second that it does. Or very shortly thereafter (I like that word). 

Thanks, everyone for reading this, and I hope you all check it out

For a song to write by, I want something happy. Hmmm...."Electric Boogie" by Marcia Griffiths. Raaandom, but I might be doing various forms of this tonight in celebration. Please top me by giving me a better celebration song. I want a track list full, so let me know below!



  1. That's so exciting! I love the title, and the blurb sounds great. Congrats!!

  2. Congratulations Kelley! If you're looking for reviews, you should check out and Frida Fantastic's blog list:

  3. Woot!! So happy for you, that is seriously great news!

  4. Jenna: Thank you! I'm SO excited about people actually reading it.

    Sift: I definitely am so I'll be checking out those links immediately. Thanks so much :)

    The East Coaster: AH! Thank you. I hope you (and everyone else) likes it lol

    Gina: Thank you much :)

    Jen: Thanks :) I know. I keep checking the page to make sure I'm really on Amazon and Smashwords now. I'm stoked! lol