Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pretty Little Liars and Meanie Little Peoples

So originally for this post, I was going to talk about Cross-genres in YA. Or, rather, the debate on whether or not it's okay to cross genres in YA, or if you should resist the temptation to experiment like that until after you become more established as an author.

But then I watched Pretty Little Liars, Season 1, Episode 1 yesterday, and I have some things to rant about say.

My bestie kept telling me since the show started that's it made of amazing, and fairy dust, and all the drama I crave, but I wouldn't bite. I had started reading the books before...well, the first one...for fifty pages, and it wasn't bad, but I had to return it before I could continue it. If I hadn't even read one book, I thought maybe I should give the books a chance before the t.v. show.

BUT, I have read LOTS of people/bloggers talk about how they never read the books and have no desire to, but they heart the show in a big way. So, having a little downtime yesterday, I looked up the first episode and gave it a whirl.

Here's where the rant comes in. As it was loading, I scrolled through the comments to see people UBER excited about the show, yada yada. Then I read something my eyes couldn't unread. Someone spoiled the whole whodunnit of the show in one comment. And people proceeded to lose their S in a big way.

The rest of the comments were "You stupid so-and-so, this was my first time watching this and you, the blah-blah-blah that you are, had to ruin it, you ahem-er" [Note, this amalgamation of quotes was edited to protect the angry and the innocent readers of this blog].

People were justifiably angry. I was justifiably angry.

This is a cautionary tale for those of the world with big mouths and little, fragmented brains: Don't spoil things for other people. They will hate you for it. And call you names. And wish you evil if you do so.

And it'll make me pissy.

I'm still going to watch the show, because, eh, why not? Maybe I'll become obsessive like everyone else (that's the goal...I love liking something that much). But for future reference, spoilers are Meanie Little Peoples that I don't care for in the tiniest bleeping bit.

Now to leave you with a song to write by that I love with most of my heart, "Momentum" by The Hush Sound. The verses? I am completely in FULL love with them. Listen. Like. Love.


  1. hum, I may have to give this show a whirl as well. I'm seriously deprived in between Merlin seasons.

    BTW, LOVE the song!

  2. Jen, I know. Isn't it amazing? I've literally listened to it on repeat for...way to long to admit here, before. And I say it's totally worth a shot, especially if you didn't have it ruined for you. I have to have something tv wise and book wise to obsess over all of the time. And I was in between tv shows at the moment...

  3. I haven't watched the show, only because I read 6 or 7 of the books and know the show doesn't follow very closely. The books got ridiculous after 4 or 5, so maybe the show will fare better.

  4. Gina, who knows? As I said, I didn't get to make it far into the books, but I'll stay for the ride for the time being. I like the drama factor. It's really heavy handed, so that, at least, will keep me watching for now.