Thursday, July 21, 2011

Come Hither Books

What makes you want to read a book, particularly a YA book? For me it comes down to three factors:

The premise has to be original (and I like a hint of romance, if not full out). It has to have something different, that, at least at first glance, I haven't felt like I've read before. If it doesn't ring a familiar bell, I'll give the first few pages a shot.

Recommendations from others. I read on the Kindleboards * recently that someone said he or she will "give in" to reading a book if they keep hearing about it. If everywhere they turn, they see or hear something about it, they give the book the benefit of the doubt, and they try it out. I am, to an extent, the same way. If I hear something is amazing like whoa, I'll be curious enough to pick it up at least. (and blog recommendations are always welcome and googled for awesomeness)

Cover. I am a cover sucker. If the cover is good, I'm picking it up. If the cover is okay, but it at least has a little something that made me pause, I'll pick it up to look at it more. BUT, if the cover is UGH awful, I don't pick it up. I guess I figure if the story could pertain to a cover that gawsh darn awful, it might not be the best book---but I have been proven wrong, so this isn't the end all of rules.

What makes you pick up a book? One of my three? All of them? None of them? Let me know below.

Now to leave you with a song to write by, "The Fear" by Lily Allen. It's snarky and catchy. 

*BTW, I'm "Writtled" on Kindleboards as well. If you're on there, say hi! :)


  1. I love this song! You have impeccable taste in music.

    I most often pick up a book becasue it was recommend to me or it had a great review. That's the tricky thing I guess, getting your name out there.

  2. All these things are important to me. But I also peek at the first page. If the writing is amazing or at least functional and intriguing, I'm in. If not, I might flip through to see if it gets better. If not, I'm moving on.

  3. Jen, thank you! Love hearing that music I think is awesome can be confirmed by others. And that part is very tricky. Hopefully word of mouth will help for me?

    Bluestocking, yeah, unless I'm being especially picky, I'll peruse the first page---well at least the first paragraph before I doom the book to an unread eternity. But if I had to pick choosing parameters, this post would be them.

  4. I always look at the comments and summary of the book on the back cover.

    Lately I can't really say that I've had the chance to read what I like, it's all work related, but I am working on an article about Harry Potter...I wish all books were like Harry Potter :)


  5. sweetmouse24, It's cool you get to write about anything and receive money for it, but writing about something you dig, I'm sure that helps. :) Well if you ever need any YA recommendations for your free time, let me know.

  6. @K.D. I don't get money for it, but it would be amazing if I could. The purpose of my articles is to collect credits for my career advancement.

    I love your blog and I'll be reading it and commenting with much gusto :)


  7. Sweetmouse24: that's a good idea. And aw ty! Please do :)