Monday, June 6, 2011

Writing Tips 1-3

You can click to enlarge. Hope you like them!!

And I'll leave you with a great song to write to..."Last to Know" by Three Days Grace


  1. Can you clarify if the "Don't read as you write" comment is meant as prevention to becoming distracted or if its to deter writers borrowing ideas and thus making unoriginal plots?

  2. Sure. Great question: it does come off as a little unclear in retrospect, but what I meant by it is that you shouldn't necessarily go back and re-read what you've written as you write. Going back over what you've already done, instead of charging forward, will tempt you to fix what you've written instead of adding to the project and getting it done. Hope that helps!

  3. And to add to what you said, I think I also agree with cutting back on reading in general while you're working on a first draft IF you write a first draft Nanowrimo-style or quicker. I say this because I, personally, don't like to have something to compare my writing to while I'm knee deep in a manuscript, and I also want to spend alllllll of my time writing as well, and reading, as fun as it is, can be a distraction.

    Again, I only say cutting back on reading if you write quickly. I would never tell someone to not read in general. That would be sacrilege. lol.