Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Most Wanted Book Plots: I'd like lots of these, please.

Reader Request Sheet:

Today, I’m writing a list of books I want to see/read. It’s a wish list of sorts, and while I may be considering writing some of them in the future to satisfy my wordy desires, I would LOVE for you to fill them in with some books already in existence, thereby forever earning my eternal gratitude and thanks.

  1. I want a 20 something paranormal romance. Yes, they are out there, but I want a “New Adult” one where I can say OMG and WOWZA and that could be me because so and so just graduated college and is awkward and is scared of being a real adult still…plus magic! Sounds amazing to me. (And here’s a post on “New Adult” that I found interesting by Kat Zhang at The Katacomb)

  1. I want a “New Adult” straight up romance that isn’t overdone, has a MC that isn’t annoying and has a MMC (main male character) that doesn’t make me hate him with a fiery passion. I want a MMC that I’d actually want the MC to get with, and if he’s hard to get, all the better.

  1. I want a really, really (REALLY) good contemporary YA series. Longstanding, preferably. Sure, every paranormal YA book is the beginning of a series (and mine is no different…ahem…), but I want to see one with real people/teens doing real life things, while also keeping my interest. Tall order?

  1. I want a really good YA horror. I mean I want it to scare my boots off but have teenage protagonists. I want to be disturbed by it. Please. I love horror, but I haven’t seen it much in YA…that is, not counting the “Oh, the male love interest is a ghost and is wicked hot” storyline.

  1. I want a magical realism YA where the MFC (main female character) is crazy awesome, bad-A, no apologies hardcore and DOESN’T want to be with anybody romantically…BUT, she gets tempted a lot. I love a good “I shouldn’t have him” internal struggle.

As you can see, I am a romance junkie. Romance makes the book go round for me, and those books practically turn the pages for themselves when I’m reading them (if they manage to hook me).

So this is my own little public service announcement: If you’ve read anything like any of the things I’ve asked for, please (pretty, pretty) let me know. And if you’re writing one of these now, also let me know, and I will be a complete cheerleader for you. For reals. On this blog, for a long time.

Now to leave with you a song to write by, “Last Christmas” by Roses Are Red, because I only crave Christmas songs when it’s awkward for everyone involved. (And Christmas songs in winter are so last year. --->and so is that phrasing, I’m sure. )


  1. Nothing wrong with being picky. Although I heard once that if you really want a book and it isn't out there you have to write yourself, so good luck! lol. Love Christmas songs.

  2. Jen, I know. I have some things in the works along these lines, but I'd love to read some ones that aren't self-generated as well. Thanks! :)

  3. You might want to try "The Midnight Palace by Carlos Ruiz Zafon for #4.

    Also, if you are a sucker for YA romance that is different but very well writtem, I would definitely recommend 'Every Last Kiss' and 'Fated' by Courtney Cole.

    As for contemporary YA (but not in series), my favorite book of the year is 'Sorta Like a Rock Star' by Matthew Quick, which is excellent and quirky. For a somewhat more bad-ass MFC (although perhaps not in the way you mean), try 'Pretend You Love Me' by Julie Anne Peters.

    For straight up romance, try 'Reversing Over Liberace' by Jane Lovering. Not sure whether it will meet your criteria, but it was a really fun romantic comedy.

    Beyond that, I guess it's time to start writing (for both of us). I do think the "New Adult" genre is likely to catch on. After all, there are lots and lots of YA readers who are aging out.

  4. Ben, you're amazing. I'm looking all of these up right now. Thank you SO much!

    and to all the people out there, please keep them coming!

  5. Definitely a gap in the New Adult market but I don't think it's going to take off like YA has, which is a shame. There are universal themes and feelings in YA that I don't think NA and adult share - it's part of the reason children's fiction will never die out. But I could be wrong.

    I'm dying to read a YA love story without a love triangle, without a super-tough and damaged heroine and with a lot of smooching :-) there seem to be so few of these around.

  6. Sangu, yeah I'm thinking along similar lines concerning the New Adult market, but I'd still like to read some.

    And ditto for the hypothetical book you want, but I do have to say, I love me some love triangles, but I want them done especially well and heart-wrenching. Hard to come by...

  7. OMG! You've heard of NEW ADULT! I'm told that's what the characters in my current ms are, as they are college students. And it's paranormal romance. That settles it- I must get published so I can come back to this post and recommend MY book to you!

  8. I wish there was more New Adult too. I'm told it doesn't sell well because most 19-25 year olds are in college and too busy with school work to read.

    In high school though, I would have loved to read some books about a young girl just going off to college and the adult life and choices that are thrust on her.

    You might want to check out Jimmy Eat World's 2001 cover of "Last Christmas". It's also awesome.

  9. Oh thank you so much! I am so glad that you like the pictures!

  10. And I hope you do get I capture castle out again, because it's amazing, though maybe a little slow to get into.

  11. Yaysies! New follower from me to your awesome blog!

  12. Oh, do I have a list for you. You may never come out of your reading cave. :)

    1. 20 something PR: The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning. This series is really Urban Fantasy, but it has become a favorite of mine and I highly recommend it. The main character, Mackayla Lane is a twenty-something heroine.

    2. Ok..this is the first I've heard of New Adult but I already love it. For this category I recommend Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie. You will love her. Great romantic comedy.

    3. ????? Contemporary YA series is tough and I don't read much of it but I've heard Anna and the French Kiss is fabulous.

    4. This isn't considered horror, but any book with a character that, while unable to move, watches and waits for the buzzards to begin eating her, is pretty creepy to me. Gone by Michael Grant. I couldn't put it down and it did give me nightmares.

    5. This one was tough but I suggest The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandre Clare. Clary is ballsy and tough. There is a romantic element but the twists will throw you for a bit of a loop so, it's a good read.

    Good luck...and let me know if you read any of these! :)

  13. Gina, YES PLEASE. I'd love to herald a new writer of something that I am desperately looking for. I'll be looking out for it...

    K, you made a good point. I must have been a weirdo though, because I chugged through books in college (I had one on my person at all times). And thanks for the music suggestion--I LOVE that song and hearing different versions of it.

    Romi, lol glad to have you, and I'm going by the library today, hopefully they'll have it!

    Charissa, AHHH so happy you wrote a list. I have some of these (purchased, but not read yet...I know, silly of me). I bought the Mortal Instruments box set but it's under my desk currently, waiting for me. I've heard before that Gone was good so I do need to get that (thanks.) Anna and the French Kiss was really, really good. And I read Bet Me, because I saw the cover of it in the library and thought it looked neat. SO, you obviously have my taste in books, and I need to trust every recommendation you give me (and I will be looking up the Fever series.) THANK YOU! Keep them coming, pretty please :) (That was a mouthful, lol)