Thursday, June 9, 2011

Creative Craziness *

*I am an alliteration junkie.

Lately a friend and I have been talking about how ridiculous we have both been getting with our ideas. It’s a new one every minute---a new form every minute, and they keep our mind occupied, but also keep us from accomplishing much.

I’m used to reading about writers getting that awful “That idea over there looks hotter than the one I’ve been working on for three months” syndrome, and I can fully relate to that. But, that’s not what I’m talking about here.

Here, what I am referring to is full blown creative distracting fluidity (CDF for short). One minute we are avidly discussing a new book we each want to write, then some business venture that sounds awesome and would make life worth while, then these  classes that are just the bees’ knees, let me tell you, to another book idea, to “Gosh, I just need to publish the one I have” discussions. [But as you know from yesterday’s post, I AM doing that…so there]

It’s exhausting. How can you track what your “true” passion is when you are passionate about so many things? Well I’ve decided to narrow down my wants by prioritizing them, and writing ALWAYS comes out on top. Now it’s just a matter of picking which idea sounds the most awesome atm (Book 2 of the soon-to-be-released? This completely different series? A contemporary? This YA horror thing I’ve been noodling out?)

It’s seems like now that I’ve “narrowed,” I’ve “widened” again. What do you all do when you get distracting? Take a poll of friends? Write everything down and hit them one by one (sounds good to me)? Or, suffer silently until exploding mentally and locking yourself in a room to have the ideas fight themselves TO THE DEATH!? Let me know in the comments or by email :)

And now I leave you with another song: "Daisy" by Brand New (My FAVORITE band: Their lyrics are pure poetry. )

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