Monday, June 13, 2011

Self-Publishing Links

Hello followers, lurkers, stoppers-by,

I decided for this post to list the links I've found in the past few weeks that seemed to be made of awesome when it comes to self-publishing. With each link, I've wrote a bit about what to expect when you go to the site, so you don't have to click blindly. If you have other links, please let me know in the comments or by email. I'd love to see them, as I have been hoarding them lately in anticipation of my own self-published release (here's my announcement).

1. This is a Writer's Digest article about how to get reviews for your self-published book. It gives tips on how to contact reviewers, where to look for reviewers, and what you should have ready to make your book easier to review. 

2. This is an article by Book Designer, letting you have a one-page link listing of how to format your manuscript for each ebook distributor site (i.e. Amazon, Smashwords, Apple, PubIt, Kobo, and the like)

3. This Marketing Tips article is on how to register your copyright for you soon-to-be-published ebook.

4. This article is by Book Marketing Maven. It gives links to different publishing platforms and brief how-tos for uploading. This link is similar to link #2, but who can stop at just one link resource?

5. This article is from Literary Abominations (lol cool name), and it gives a Podcasting 101 lesson on how to make your book into a usable file and how to get it out there for the masses to hear. [Can I just pause here to say I am dreaming nightly of making some kind of podcast or audiobook of my upcoming manuscript? I hear I'm dramatic enough to pull it off, maybe I'll let you decide one day]

6. This article, like #3 is from the Marketing Tips website [worth perusing], and it's about the best ways to link to your self-published book (on your website and beyond) so that it can be found easily (and purchased easily)

7. This article from Zombies Don't Blog (great title and site), shows you how to re-up interest in your self-published book after it's been out for a while. This'll get you over the possible slump in sales after your beginning weeks.

8. This Marketing Tip article (a la #3 and #6) explains how to get your book in newspapers, local and otherwise.

9. This Touch Review article, by Stephen Northcott explains in detail how to get your book into Apple stores. (Think links #4 and #1, but Apple specific).

10. This Lexcycle article explains how to convert your manuscript into epub format, which is good for getting it out to reviewers in a format they'd prefer and Stanza submissions.

11. This link by Urban fonts provides you with copious amounts of Free Fonts to use when making your cover. (I haven't used it yet, but it looks neat).

12. And lastly, for this blog post, I leave you with a link to Free Digital which apparently has royalty free images that they explicitly say can be used for ebooks as long as credit is given to their site and the photo creator. Neat huh?

AH so many links that started with the word "this;" it got to be too much for me, but hopefully they'll be useful to you!

Now to leave you with yet another song to write by, "Fool For You" by Cee lo Green featuring Melanie Fiona. I love how "into it" they both are: