Thursday, June 2, 2011

Paranormal Normal

Lately my writing interests have changed. It’s not what I like writing about has completely changed (although it probably has a little at least) but really, what I like to read has changed. I am a YA junkie. Very seldom do I feel extremely compelled to read something in the adult genre (occasional random romance excluded). YA just does it for me, and that would be paranormal YA at that.

Lately though, I’ve been craving contemporary fiction, and if not contemporary fiction, then I’ve definitely been craving some out of the ordinary, vampires and werewolves won’t cut it anymore-paranormal.

For example, I recently read DARK SONG by Gail Giles. AMAZING (caps required, I assure you). It was contemporary, no magic whatsoever, completely real and believable but exciting, 200+ short pages of goodness. I took to Twitter and text messages heralding its awesomeness as soon as I hit the end. I fully endorse it. Fuuuully.

What used to turn me off of contemporary YA fiction was its…well…boringness. I wanted something I couldn’t have, and I can safely say that a normal life, with run of the mill romance is something I am fully capable of having. But, like I said, something has switched in me. Maybe I over-used paranormal so much that it’s become “normal/everyday” to me, whereas contemporary is now where I want to be because it is everyday life, but (hopefully) in a way I wouldn’t chose to live it necessarily.

Am I the only one changing tastes? (Though I’m sure it’s not permanent—as my library finds as of today suggest). Have I finally caught the paranormal over-saturation bug that everyone has been talking about in the YA world? Heaven knows dystopian isn’t cutting it for me either these days (except for the Holy Grail that is the HUNGER GAMES series, of course…)

What are your thoughts?

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