Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Media Inspiration Please

Hey, everyone? How's tricks (or basically, how are things going for you as of this moment)?

Today, I wanted to talk about why I watch what I watch and read what I read. I like to be inspired by things, and I think inspiration can come from anywhere at any time, if you're paying attention and willing to look.

When I watch TV, I like watching things (mostly reality TV) about people doing stuff I can't do, or stuff I want to do in a madly obsessed way, or things I'm remotely interested in.

I love cooking show competitions because in another life, I would be ALL ABOUT having a restaurant (fun fact: I like coming up with restaurant concepts and catch phrases, just cause. AND, I might be doing something with that eventually). Right now, I love

Top Chef (in all the ways it comes)
The Great Food Truck Race (Cannot explain my <3 for food trucks = EPIC)

I love really any competition that has something to do with being creative (see my <3 for Project Runway and Platinum Hit).

And I even love watching things I would never be caught dead watching on my own, so big thank you's to my dad and fiancé. They make me watch anything and everything on A&E--and I do love me some Storage Wars).

When I read, I want to be inspired by amazing authors who say things in new ways, by plots that I would never think of ever ever, and by books that keep me mesmerized for days. A lot of people I read about on these writer blogs get performance anxiety from reading something amazing. They say a lot of "Wow, I can just give up now because I'm never going to be that awesome."

I think that the exact opposite of what it should do. Amazing people, in any capacity, should inspire you to bring new things to your writing, to write differently than you thought was "acceptable," and to want to be better and the next big awesome thing.

So now, I ask, what inspires you? Photographs, TV shows? Movies? Amazing, amazing books? All of the above? Something not mentioned? Let me know below.

Now to leave you with a song to write by, "Daisy" by Brand New off of their album Daisy

I cannot explain to you in human words how much I love Brand New. They are practically untouched as my favorite band. If you can't get inspired by their lyrics, check your pulse. (that sounded pushy, but I am way passionate about them. Sigh).


  1. I totally agree with you about being inspired by great writers! In fact, I think my own writing is best when I've read a string of amazing books before hand.

  2. I don't watch reality shows. I think I must have caught all the bad ones though as they seem filled with conniving people who want to win at all cost.

    A good book always gets my attention. I can lose myself for hours reading.

  3. yep, that's what I'm always telling - writers can find inspiration in films and shows.
    I also adore cooking shows, but unlike you, I don't like the reality ones, since they seem to harsh and filled with evil judges (especially that evil person Ramsey or what's his name?). I like nice, pleasant cooking shows like Rachel Ray and similar :)

  4. Eclectic tastes:) I love a good read more than T.V., although I admit Hell's Kitchen is both addictive and stressful (perhaps there's a link there). Groovy blog, thanks for stopping by mine:)

  5. I get inspired by great books. I love reading, and when I find something that makes me say, "Wow, this is amazing," it encourages me to sit down and hone my craft so that some day, maybe someone will say the same about me! :D

  6. Reading, art, and people inspire me most. I rarely watch television anymore, but sometimes I watch the Biggest Loser to observe character arc from beginning to end. True. :)

  7. My greatest source of inspiration is an author called Neale Donald Walsch. His books helped me revamp my vision of life...all woderful reads. :)

  8. What a fun post!

    Hm, I find inspiration in everything--it's the channeling of that inspiration that proves difficult. For me, at least.

    P.S. I love me some Storage Wars, too! :)

  9. Photography is a big inspiration for me. Books come in a close second. I LOVE Television and movies but its more a mind numbing thing and not really an inspiration thing. I love American Pickers.....great show.

  10. Lisa Gail Green: Definitely the same for me too. Reading greatness inspires Greatness. :)

    J.L. Campbell: Losing myself in a book is the best. The BEST kind of vacation, I think.

    DEZMOND: Aw, I like Ramsay. He's mean, but when he's nice, it means more. My mother's big into the nice cooking shows, especially Nigella :)

    Romi: NP :)

    Mark Noce: That is the fun of it :) I can't take stress in my life, but stress on TV is fine lol

    Glies Hash: EXACTLY! If I read something awesome, I want to be that awesome.

    L.G. Smith: Not watching TV would make me way more productive, but I get ideas when I turn my brain off for a while and not focus, so it helps :)

    Laila Knight: I'll have to look that author up, thanks!

    Carrie Butler: TY much :) Very true. It's all about what you do with it. And yay for Storage Wars! I was made to watch the Spike TV knock-off. Storage Wars has nothing to worry about.

    Jeff King: Thanks! Glad you stopped in :)

    Jennifer: My padre loves Pickers. It's entertaining. Photography is really great for inspiration. I always like visuals to inspire me.

  11. Oh, all sorts of things inspire me! Not even just for writing; some movies, photos, songs and books just simply inspire me. :) I sometimes suffer from that "performer's anxiety", but I don't let it stop me from writing. :)