Friday, August 12, 2011

The Apartment Romance

Earlier this week, I saw an amazing movie. I want to watch it again because it has so many quotables in it. <3 I love quotable bits. The movie is called The Apartment:

It came out in 1960, and it's in black and white. I know, some of you out there will be like me, very judgy, and might want to back away now. BUT, it was amazing.

Here's a sloppy blurb by me: A man decides to pimp out his apartment to the higher up men at work that have all these mistresses but no where to take them. The plan works to help him get ahead, but he falls for the elevator girl in the mean time, only to find out that she has an affiliation with his apartment already. Hilarity, romance, innuendos, and issues ensue.

I really liked it, and you should check it out if you have the chance. Funny side-note story, I told my mother about it, and she told me she had just picked up that movie that very day at the library, but had put it back because it was black and white. Weird huh? She then got it from there, watched, and loved it. Okay, back to our regularly scheduled blog post…

This movie got me thinking about what it is about romance that makes me clamor to read it. With very few exceptions, I'm not a big romance movie person. I have to want to watch something predictable to get into them, and I have to be forced by other parties to watch them at all (mostly). But, with books? You all know by now that romance is a must for me. A big must (also mostly).

I like:

  • Non-traditional
  • Hard to attain
  • Complicated but sweet
  • All worth it for their first moments


And I've read love stories in all kinds of their variations (chick-lit to Ya to horror with some lovey bits), and I never get tired of it. Seeing how people make a connection and come together in all kinds of circumstances just is the bee's knees for me.

So, now I ask you, because I really want to know, do you have to have romance in the books that you read? What makes you like that element (or hate it)? OO, and if you have examples, then, you're awesome. Let me know below.

Now to leave you with a song to write by, which is perfect for this occasion, "Nicest Thing" by Kate Nash. If you never listen to any other song I list on here, listen to this one. It's worth it. ---à strong words for an AMAZING song.

Also: I really want to get the word out about my book, Glittering Ashes (The Dark Artist Series), and I have some things in the works already (VERY excited about that). So, if you're interested in receiving a free ebook copy in exchange for a bookie blog review, let me know (below or by email). Also, I'm more than game for author interviews if you want something to fill in one of the days on your blog :)


  1. I don't think I've seen that one, but I do like old movies! I prefer movies that were originally made in black and white to stay that way. Like the Christmas classics, "It's a Wonderful Life" and "Miracle on 34th Street": I always watch them in b&w even though the color versions are included on the DVD.

    I don't need to have romance in everything I read, but it is nice because love is such a huge part of mostly everyone's life. It's realistic to have some kind of romance in many different stories.

  2. I love old movies and that sounds like fun! Romance is always in my writing, oddly enough, in some form or another. But reading? It's not the what I'd call the most important element. Go figure. A well done romance though is a wonderful thing.

  3. My wife and I just watched Rear Window and it's interesting how the romance mixes with mystery. Cool, quirky blog:)

  4. haven't seen that movie, but it does sound charming :)

  5. I loved the Brandon Sanderson: Mistborn series, but it’s in the fantasy genre. It’s very unique and holds up to any series I have read.

    I need emotion and attachment more than a physical love. I connect myself to the closeness the characters share… I need action as well, but all the action doesn’t matter if I don’t feel loss if a character is gone or in danger.

  6. Oh, I think I watched The Apartment when I was a kid. I watched all the old movies on TV. Most of it probably went right over my head, but I do love Jack Lemmon and Shirley Maclaine.

    I also like a good dose of romance/love stories in novels, no matter the genre. It just always makes for juicy tension. Doesn't have to be there to enjoy the novel, but it's better if it is.

  7. I'm glad you enjoyed the movie! Unlike you, though, I like the idea of a black and white movie now and then. :) It's so old-fashioned, I love it!

    As for romance in books... it's not an absolute MUST, in my opinion - at least not ALL of the time. ;) But I do love love love it! What I really love about most of the YA novels I read is that they've usually got good plots with action and adventure, as well as the romance. Like the Gemma Doyle trilogy - it's a huge big fantasy plot, and then there's the romance that I LOVED. And I'm reading the Hunger Games trilogy right now - I just finished "Catching Fire" for the first time. With Suzanne Collins' trilogy, I love that there's the whole conflict with the Capitol, yet there's still the whole Katniss-Peeta-Gale romance thing going. :) So yes, I like the young adult novels with romance! ;D

  8. Thanks, it's an awesome book!

  9. I've not seen or read them.
    You can tell when an old movie is good because it really stands the test of time when younger generations also enjoy watching them.

  10. I never get tired of love either. In fact, I'd go as far as to say I'm not interested in reading books that don't have some romantic element to them. If a books scares me, or makes me sad, or even just plain bores me, it better have at least one good kissing scene to make up for it!

    And if you've ever listened to "Everything" by Lifehouse... *Sigh* I so wish that song was written about me! Talk about inspiring!

  11. That movie sounds interesting. And Kate Nash is cool - I saw her live at a festival a few years back.

  12. I haven't seen the movie, but some of the old black and white movies were special. I love them.

  13. I love old movies because they seem so uncomplicated.

  14. How have I not heard of this movie? It sounds fantastic!

  15. Thanks for the heads up on song and series. Also, I don't turn my nose up on black and white moves. A lot of them are quite good. And that one sounds like one I would enjoy...will check out. :)

  16. Old movies are the best! They just knew how to make them back then. :)

  17. Laura Marcella: I agree if it was made B/W, it should stay that way. Romance is huge for me. If it's awesome without it, I'd be really impressed.

    Lisa Gail Green: Well done romance is the best thing ever for me :)

    Mark Noce: TY! I'll have to look up Rear Window

    DEZMOND: It totally was.

    Jeff King: Very true. It's all about getting the reader invested.

    L.G. Smith: You should totally watch it again. Really good stuff. I think it's better with :)

    Taylor Lynn: I think I'll have to look up more B/W. YA romance is the best and The Hunger Games (romance included) is AMAZING! I'm so excited/terrified about how the movies will turn out.

    Madeleine: True. I definitely enjoyed it

    Gina: We are on the same reading wavelength. I'll have to google that song. Thanks!

    Trisha: She does seem really cool, and I <3 the song.

    Lynda R. Young: I definitely recommend this one :)

    Alleged Author: Very true with this one. It was funny, well-paced, and I was trying to sleep when it came on--couldn't do it. Had to watch.

    Talli Rowland: It's so good :)

    Laila Knight: I know! I didn't know B/W could be that good. Now I'll have to look up more..

    Janet Johnson: I now completely agree with your statement after seeing that :)

  18. I will most definitely have to add The Apartment to my Netflix list. It sounds intriguing.

    I love romance in the books I read. Sometimes it's the interaction of the characters and sometimes it's just the circumstances they overcome in order to be together. I love the journey to love and the journey back to love. Some of my faves include 10,000 Lovers by Edeet Ravel, a great love story as well a look at the early days of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Tempt Me at Twilight by Lisa Kleypas is favorite, a historical with inter-cultural romance.

    I'm taking a short hiatus from my blog as I have a deadline, but when I come back I would for sure love to do a review and author spotlight for you. Your story sounds quite fascinating.

  19. Melissa Bradley: It's a good one, and we are definitely on the same romantic page. OH, and I'm emailing you about your offer. Thank you so much!

  20. I feel the same way about the Hunger Games movie, Kelley! I'm hoping they'll follow the book, since the book is so good, and I'm afraid they'll change something major... but I'm more excited than afraid. LOL I cannot WAIT to see the movie in March!!! :D