Monday, August 22, 2011

Author Interview and Giveaway (YAY)

Today, instead of writing a post of incredible awesomeness, I'm directing you to a blog of incredible awesomeness, The Character Depot, which today has a interview with me and a giveaway of my book Glittering Ashes (the blog title link will take you there). (BIG Thanks to J.L. for having me!!)

I'm SUPER encouraging y'all to check it out and enter to win (all you need to do to enter is comment on my interview post, and the drawing will be done on Friday).

Tell all of your friends, family, and strangers you pass on the street, won't you? lol.

Thanks, everyone! Have an awesome writing day.

And because I can and want to, I'm still leaving you with a song to write by, "Impossible" by Shontelle because I <3 this song, and writing can sometimes seem impossible (to do, to be successful at), but it doesn't mean it ain't worth while, right? 

I've also joined this Writer's Platform-Building Campaign on the Rach Writes blog. It's basically a blogger meet and greet, and it seems pretty neat---okay, I'll stop now, but if you're interested, definitely check it out :)


  1. send a limo to pick me up and I'm there :)

  2. Ooo welcome to the writer's campaign.

  3. Thanks for hanging out at the Depot, Kelley. BTW - My son and I love that song you linked to in the last blog post.

  4. Congrats on the interview! And I am joining the Crusade too:)

  5. Heading over to read the interview. Welcome to the Writer's Campaign.

  6. Impossible = poetry to music!

    Congrats on the interview. I'm joining the platform campaign, too

  7. Hi, and welcome to the Campaign! :)

  8. I saw your post there, Kelley, and I commented! I hope you had fun with the interview!

  9. Nice song... I'll follow the link, thx.

  10. Hi! I'm a fellow YA campaigner, just stopping by. I did the last one and it's great. Look foward to getting to know you better :)

  11. Great song and now it's stuck in my head, lol. Nice to meet you fellow Campaigner and groupie!

  12. I was in on the Crusade last time, so this one sounds good too!

  13. I was in the last crusade, and it was amazing! So nice to meet you!

  14. Hello Kelley,

    I'm also doing the cursade. It's good to meet you

  15. HI!

    I read your interview earlier today, and now I'm visiting because of the campaign! Nice to meet you, and I'm a new follower. :)

  16. Hello fellow campaigner! Just dropping by to say hello. Nice to meet you. :)

  17. Hi Kelley. Nice interview on JL's blog. I love the title of your blog!

  18. Hi Kelley - we're already following each other's blogs, but just wanted to stop by and say 'hi' as a fellow campaigner, (paranormal romance)!

  19. DEZMOND: I'll work on that :)

    Talli Roland: Happy Tuesday to you now!

    Michael Offutt: Thanks, I'm excited about it :)

    J.L.Campbell: Isn't it amazing?

    Deana: TY! I'm glad I know some people in it :)

    Stephanie: Hope you liked the interviews and thanks for the welcome <3

    Madeleine: Exactly! I love that song, and yay for the campaign

    Brittany: Hi back :)

    Marlena Cassidy: I did. J.L.'s questions were fun to answer. I hope I get more requests!

    Alleged Author: Cool beans :)

    Jeff King: Glad you like the song and glad to see you over at the interview :)

    Romi: :) It's like smiley tag lol

    AimeeLSalter: It seems like a great way to meet awesome people already. Looking forward to getting to know you too, and I loved Aimee spelled that way.

    Kerri Cuev: As a song, it's addicting. I've been singing it around the house for days. lol. Nice to meet you.

    Trisha: I totally agree!
    Alison Miller: This one sounds good. I'm sure if I had been blogging last year I would have definitely joined up. Nice to meet you :)

    Mel Fowler: Nice to meet you too! :)

    Margo Kelly: Nice to meet you too. Thanks for following!

    J.R.Williams: Thanks for stopping by!

    Carrie Butler: I saw you over there. Thanks!

    LynNerd: Glad you liked it (and the title) :)

    Amanda Leigh Cowley: Hi and paranormal romance for the win! lol

  20. Hello paranormal buddy. Looking foward to getting to know you.