Friday, August 26, 2011

Belated Intros

Hi, everyone. I'm already loving Rachael Harrie's Third Writer's Platform Building Campaign (open til the 31st), because I've found so many new great blogs from it, and so many great people have found my blog through it as well. SOOO. I want to give BIG hello's to all the new followers (and big big hello's to all my older followers because obviously y'all are awesome as well). It's really great to have so many new faces around to learn from :)

Today, I wanted to do something I've seen on a lot of blogs lately, the short and sweet getting to know you blog posts. Basically, the rules, as I saw them, are that I'm supposed to give you 3 obscure facts about me, and in return, I want 3 obscure facts about you in the comments. Let's get to know each other; the more people that comment, the more awesome this will be. Bring them on!

Here's my 3:

1. I break into song a lot around the house and out and about (really, I do), sometimes without realizing it. I once told a friend that I really liked this one song and had she heard of it, and she responded...Yes, you've been singing it every other minute for a week. Music permeates me, what can I say?

2. I love caramel iced coffee's from MckeeDees. I get them large and the world receives the consequences. (I don't drink soda, haven't in years, so caffeine is intense for me, and it shows lol.)

3. I am a catch-phrase fiend. I'm one of those people who has a new saying, something they say incessantly as in maybe a substitute for the word "cool," every week. Right now, I've been saying, "That doesn't make a lick of sense." You would think something like that wouldn't come up much in convo. You'd be wrong. I say it all of the time, or I say "like that would make a lick of sense." I think I said it to be ironic once because it sounded funny to me, and it stuck. I'm very self-impressionable.

You, in the comments below, give me 3 bits of golden nuggets of your own.

Now to leave you with a song to write by, "Mr. Saxobeat " by Alexandra Stan because it's Friday, and don't you just want to rock out privately or publicly to a dance jam? Well, if you did feel so inclined, here's a good song for just the occasion.

Also, another huge fantabulous thank you (covered in glitter) to J.L. Campbell for having me on her blog, The Character Depot. I did an interview and giveaway (drawing today, good luck to everyone!), and there was a great turnout for my book Glittering Ashes.

My slightly pouty bad news is that I can't blog hop today or respond to yesterday's comments (though I did read and enjoy them all) because I'm running about with my mother, but I will be back with a vengeance on Monday, no worries. Happy, happy, super happy weekend to everyone and everybody!


  1. I hope you have fun with you mother!

    And hmm, three random facts about myself...

    1) I am deathly afraid of bees. I see them, I scream, I run away and hide somewhere inside. It makes for some funny moments where I'm sitting and fine and then the next second I'm flailing wildly and running away.

    2) I started out writing longhand, switched to computer writing, and am now going back to longhand because I can't lug my laptop around everywhere. It's an experience, but I we'll see how it goes.

    3) I love dogs. I love them to death. I am one of those people who harass dog walkers, asking them if I can pet their dog and talking baby-speak at it. I've had five dogs in my life, and I couldn't imagine living without one. I also Tweet a lot about them when they do silly things.

  2. I enjoyed your golden nuggets. I must post about my writer's platfom campaign membership too. Maybe tomorrow.

  3. I like your random things. Your catch-phrase made me laugh!

    3 Random things about me:

    1) I have a birthmark that looks like a raisin on my lower back. You can't see it unless I'm in a bathing suit, and my mom still calls it the little raisin.

    2) I've never had a cavity and plan on going through life cavity-free. I floss and brush after every meal!

    3) Ever since I saw the movie Jaws in my early teens, I'm scared to go into the ocean. I love the ocean so I do go in, but only when there are lots and lots of people in it too so there's a better chance Jaws won't get me first, LoL!

  4. Randomness about me:
    1. I have a love/hate relationship with my cat. I love annoying her, but I also love cuddling her. Somehow it works.

    2. The only two foods I don't like are avocados and olives.

    3. I'm a dual citizen of the USA and Canada, eh.

  5. I love these get to know you posts.

    1. I have a fascination with dangerous animals in the wild. Need to capture pictures of them in their natural habitat.
    2. Ironically, I dislike worms and maggots, but love snakes.
    3. I'd be a full time student for the rest of my life, if I didn't need to earn money to live. I love learning.

  6. Cool...I've never done this before - I'm a fellow Campaigner & new to blogging, but here goes...

    1. I have a song for every situation - I sing lyrics in response to statements from people (example: my daughter says "You never buy me stuff" and I sing "You Can't Always Get What You WA-ANT" by the Stones into her face)

    2. I'm violently allergic to RAW tomatoes. I can eat them once their cooked, but a raw one can kill me.

    3. I love the fritters they sell in the New Orleans section of Disneyland, its a solitary window by the train station - Fritters and Mint Juleps...I absolutely have to go there or else it is not a proper visit.

  7. i like the breaking out into song. with that spirit in mind...

    1) i shoot imaginary basketballs from time to time, in private:)

    2) i get motion sickness so easily. i can't even read on the bus anymore unless the bus is on the freeway. weird, but annoying.

    3) i can't cook anything other than like two different dishes, both of which are italian dishes i learned from my mom. nothing else.

    fun blog you have here. i'm here from talli rolland's place.

  8. 1. I hate writing in print even though I know most people can't read cursive.

    2. I won't read self-help books because I find mocking the titles is too much fun.

    3. I love to take long walks by myself and take pictures to use as writing inspiration later.

  9. I can do anything
    I love the mountains
    I love bacon and eggs

  10. I look forward to the catch phrases!

    I read way too much
    I have two dogs, one tiny and the other large!
    I love, love, love a good cup of tea!

    I'm another campaigner and we're in the YA group together :D

    I'm slowly making my way around everyone!

    I'm a new follower :D

  11. Your catchphrase is great!

    1) Grasshoppers freak me out. I think it's because I watched A Bug's Life when I was pretty young. Anyways.

    2) I love cartoons about superheroes and mutants and the like. (:

    3) I have a Sheltie named Dax who's constantly tripping and/or running into walls and furniture. It's kind of sad, but mostly amusing.

    Congrats on the turnout for *Glittering Ashes*! That's exciting.

  12. Hah! Awesome list, Kelley! :)

    1) I do too. *grins*
    2) I <3 green tea.
    3) I have the attention span of a dude, when there's a hockey game on. :D

  13. Absolutely fantastic blog!!! Glad I found it! Love it!!!

    Lola x

  14. Hi, fellow PRGrp #1 campaigner here, dropping by to say hi!
    Love this idea, may do it for my Sat blog next week and keep it going!
    But that means I need to think of three factoids...mmm...
    Okay, here goes,

    1. I hate to get wet, but once I'm in the water I don't want to get out.

    2. I am a compulsive organizer, I have to be because I am a huge procrastinator and if I don't get things on lists they slip out of my brain like...
    what was I saying?

    3. I can't stay up past ten o'clock on a weeknight, and in fact fall asleep frequently at nine. But have a party and I'm good till the witching hour!

  15. Hi Kelley

    The singing thing made me laugh. Here are 3 things about me:

    1. I gave up wanting to be a writer when I was 15 because it had all been said already and then realised at age 30 that it didn't matter - others were still having a go!

    2. I am a shocking procrastinator, although others often see me as well-organised. I have no idea how that works.

    3. Snow frightens me. I fear falling over, what can I say?!

  16. I don't have 3 obscure things, at the moment. Actually, I'm not sure there are any obscure things to know about me. Probably, the most obscure is that I write, but, actually, most of the people that I spend any time around know, at this point, so I suppose that isn't obscure, either.

    However, here's a catch phrase you can try out: "smack dab." Especially if you can figure out a way to use it that does not involve the follow up "in the middle."

  17. I am a fellow campaigner and I also love this and may one day steal it for a post. My 3 things would be that I hate, hate, hate snakes and yet I let my daughter have a reptile party for her 6th birthday and agreed to touch a huge python.
    I am addicted to Coffee Bean's Vanilla Blendeds, but then most people know that.
    And lastly my favorite line from a movie is, Isn't fun the best thing to have? from the original Arthur,

  18. Hi Kelley, I am a fellow campaigner.
    Okay 3 things....
    1) I am a horrible speller. Always have been, so I love spell check. Even though sometimes it doesn't even know what word I want.
    2) I have a great sense of direction. I once found our way back to the hotel through a city I didn't know on the back roads...That being said, DON'T ask we directions when I have been drinking. I got lost going around the block with signs pointing the way.
    3) I love live music, I met my fiance in a band. I don't play or sing, at least no in public, or not in public sober. I hear there is one tape floating around from a Christmas party...

    Pamela Jo

  19. Hi! I'm a fellow campaigner in Paranormal Group 1.

    Let's see...

    I'm freaked out by clowns. Always have been, not sure why.

    I'm a total hermit.

    My dogs and cat have theme songs that I sing (badly) to them.

  20. Marlena Cassidy: I did, TY :) I <2 people who <3 longhand--another fun fact about me.

    Madeleine: It's defintely fun :)

    Laura Marcella: #3 is an excellent point. I have an unhealthy fear of sharks, but I like scaring myself at the aquarium.

    E.R. King: Dual citizen? That's awesome. I really want to see Cananda (I don't remember anything from a childhood trip)

    Miranda Hardy: Sigh #3 applies to me as well...

    Heather: Hi! OMG 4 #3! I do that too. My dad has done it since forever, and I caught it!

    Ed Pilolla: Nice to meet you! And TY :) I once had your #2, but I got over it...mostly...I don't know how though and I bet your #3 dishes are extra awesome then

    Steph Schmidt: I <3 cursive and your #3 sounds beautiful and fun

    Jeff King: Is that camping bacon and eggs or at home? Either way, yum :)

    Jules: Hi! Nice having you! I'm with your #1, but I never feel like I've read enough :)

    Jenna Blake Morris: TY! I like your facts--A Bug's Life could be scarring to certain parties lol

    Carrie Butler: They're awesome, and #3 is me, most of the time.

    Lola X: Glad you like it, Lola :) Glad to have you

    Jessica Aspen: Hi back :) #1 for sure applies ot me too :) We have a lot of things in common!

    Beth Kemp: Your facts are awesome :) I was #1 for a while too

    Andrew: I'll have to work a while on that one lol

    Bridget Straub: AH to snakes, except for if they're babies, for some reason...Great line

    There's Just Life: Hi ya! I'm hit and miss with spelling, I'm afraid. Me too for #2 and 3--I'm way overdue for a concert.

    Stephany Simmons: I know why--they're scary lol

  21. Hi, good to meet you. I often find myself singing away when I'm out and I'm sure people think I'm talking to myself. My three snippets are:

    I hate to be cold and love my furry-covered hot water bottle.

    I panic if I go out of range for my mobile. Who knows what important calls I might be missing?

    I can't start the day without a bowl of fresh fruit and yogurt.

  22. Great idea Kelley. I see I'll have to do something similar on my own blog. Okay, so now you've been warned:-

    1. I'm in total agreement with Stephany Simmons. I hate clowns; always have. I just have to think of John Wayne Gacy and Stephen King's 'It' - say no more!!

    2. I begin to fidget when I'm not writing.

    3. I have a tendency to talk to myself (hey, nobody else in my house seems to listen to me).

    Also I'm a fellow campaigner in the paranormal group. It's a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to reading more of your posts. :)

  23. Hi Debbie! Thanks for stopping by :)

    1. Have you heard the John Wayne Gacy song? Creepy, yet pretty, which is creepy...

    2. I get mentally fidgety lol

    Nice to meet you!!