Friday, August 19, 2011

Born At Midnight: A Review

Before I get to my post, I wanted to pause to make a quick announcement. On Monday, I will be doing an author interview on J.L. Campbell's amazing blog, The Character Depot. She is also hosting a giveaway of Glittering Ashes that goes with the interview, and all you have to do to enter is comment on my author interview that day. How amazing is that? I want to thank her for having me, and don't worry, I'll remind y'all on Monday to run over there to read the interview and enter! Okay, now back to the regularly scheduled blog post...

Today, I'm doing another book review. Yes, I, too, am amazed, lol. I finished all of Gayle Forman's Where She Went on Wednesday, and you can too if you happen to have an un-busy day, and I had been chugging through Born At Midnight by C.C. Hunter for a while and happened to finish it yesterday. 

Hunter's Born At Midnight is a YA paranormal romance/Bildungsroman-ish (coming of age story). 

My version of the blurb is that Kylie Galen, in the midst of a family ordeal, is dealing with her own personal struggle to find out who she is and why she sees what she sees. When her mother sends her to Shadow Falls camp to work things out for herself, Kylie is mortified because everyone at camp is a delinquent weirdo, or at least has been labeled as such, and Kylie doesn't feel she fits the bill. While Kylie tries to find out more about herself, she also finds friends, loves, and has a few realizations while solving a mystery of sorts that flows through the novel (as well as the mystery of finding out who she really is).

That was surely more complicated than Hunter's own blurb, which you can find by Googling or clicking on the book picture above, but I like blurbing, and I feel like it'll tell you more about the story than a book's usual sales pitch. (And I hate spoilers, so I would never want to do that to anyone, no worries).

The Cover: I like this cover. It's simplistic, which I love, but it's also eye catching. I tend to like metallic looking things, and really, I like the spine of the book more than the front, but that's a personal preference. Either way, I don't have any real complaints about the cover, and the girl could be Kylie, so it's appropriate.

The Plot: This book is probably longer than a lot of YAs I've read lately, 398 pages. So there's a lot put into one book here. Lots of drama, lots of mystery, lots of love triangly goodness, if that's your cup of tea. As far as the plot goes, if you like paranormal, coming of age stories, Hunter is what you'd want. It reads like a slightly more in depth teen TV drama. I could see it as a TV series, with all of the paranormal stuff that's on the CW and MTV and such now. For us readers who moonlight as teenagers when we read, it might read a little young, but it's pretty spot on for the intended audience, I'd say.

The Romantic Element: Because there's a lot of this in this one. I asked for lots of love drama, Hunter delivered. There's exes, a love triangle, and complications. I wasn't full on swooning the entire time I read this book, but there's a lot of romantic element to work with here. My only complaint (and it's little and maybe nitpicky), is that you, as the reader, may like just one of the romantic players in Kylie's life, and so all of the drama might not be as appetizing. But, if you just like reading about love drama, the book has more than enough to satisfy.

Carry-on Factor: Born At Midnight is the beginning of the Shadow Falls series; so while everything is pretty much tied up plot-wise by the end, Hunter has to leave some things to pull you into the next book. It's a good, paranormal coming-of-age, so if that's what you're looking for, Born At Midnight is where you can find it. It just has to be a paranormal coming-of-age that you're looking for.

Overall: Hunter did a lot in 398 (print) pages. She introduces Kylie, her family, and secondary and love interest characters to the point that you feel like you could know a lot of them by the end. That's impressive to juggle that many balls in the air. If you want to read paranormal YA, the kind of paranormal YA that deals with finding oneself and finding others in the process, Born at Midnight (Shadow Falls Novel) will not disappoint.

Have you heard of this book? Read it? Want to read it? Let me know below.

Now to leave you with a song to write by, one I don't personally own, but I kind of want to because it was unexpected for me, Lil' Wayne's "How To Love" (For 69 cents through this link to Amazon). He's singing, not rapping, just in case you didn't know about this song. I had to go with a love themed song. Completely necessary, people. 

P.S. I got this book from the library and did not receive any compensation for doing this review (some of the links are affiliated links, however).


  1. looking forward to that interview on Monday, Kelley!

  2. Haven't heard of this book and I'm curious as to what the paranormal aspect is. Thanks for the great review!

    (Lil Wayne sings? Who knew:)

  3. Great review, very thorough. I love reading reviews like this (esp without spoilers) because it saves me a ton of time. I can't count the number of books I've purchased and haven't finished simply because they don't hold my interest. Born at Midnight sounds like a novel I'd enjoy. Definitely going to check it out.

  4. So it's a paranormal YA with lots of I'm sold. Will check out the interview. Have a great weekend! :)

  5. So long as this book has as strong romance element (which it sounds as though it does), I'm in! Thanks for the great review!

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog Kelly:)

    This book sounds like one I could get into. I'll have to go to my library and see if it's in.

  7. Can't wait to see your interview, Kelley! And love the review. I don't think it's exactly my cup of tea, but if I were to borrow it from a library, I would probably read it all the way through and enjoy it.

  8. I'd say it's a definite borrow, but probably not a buy.

    Thanks for the music video by the way. I nearly didn't click on it, convinced I wouldn't like it. That will teach me to make sweeping judgements - I've bookmarked it :)

  9. Use Grooveshark for your songs. It's free and all the songs are free and it's legal since none are on your computer.

    This was a great book interview. I love the way you carefully pore through the book and point out elements that resonate, in particular love triangles and whatnot. I kinda wish I wrote YA so that my book (when it comes out in 2013) would have a chance if I begged and pleaded and promised gift baskets for you to read and get this kind of treatment LOL.

    Oh and btw...the first time I'd ever heard of "Kismet" was when I played a card game called Magic: The Gathering. It had really awesome art on it and I was taken with the word immediately. Interesting how both of us liked it :) /hugs.

  10. Lovely review...and I'll be sure to look you up on JL's blog. Following you back!

  11. Thanks! Glad you liked them!

  12. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I've never heard of this book, but paranormal and romance is fun. ;)

    And wow, Lil Wayne - not rapping? Very unexpected! ;)

  13. Congrats on the interview.

    Born at Midnight sounds intriguing. I wonder whether I'd swoon at the romance of not? :O)

  14. Great review. Sounds like something I might enjoy!

  15. Interesting review, Kelley. Sounds like the writer did a great job on characterization.

    Oh, and thanks for your kind words on the blog! Looking forward to having you too.

  16. Great break down... It sounds very good.

  17. Sounds like an interesting read! I like the more in-depth stuff, for sure. Not a huge fan of love triangles, but they don't ruin a story for me either! Nice review.

  18. DEZMOND: TY :)

    Ruth Josse: I know, right? I like it. Thanks for stopping by

    lindy: Glad you liked it

    Laila Knight: Hope your wkend was awesome :)

    E.R. King: Thanks for the nice words :)

    Deana: That's where I got my copy!

    Marlena Cassidy: Aw thanks!

    Sarah Pearson: We're definitely on the same page :)

    Michael Offutt: I'll have to check it out. Someone else had mentioned it, and definitely sounded worthy of a google search. TY for the review <3, and I found out about that word from a book I read when I was 12 and impressionable lol. I've loved it ever since.

    Damyanti: I emailed you back about your book. Sounds really good. Everyone reading this should check it out!! :)

    Romi: :)

    Taylor Lynn: I know! I like the results.

    Madeleine: Maaaaybe. I'm sure some would and some wouldn't.

    Talli Rowland: I'd definitely check it out then

    J.L. Campbell: NP :)

    Jeff King: Thanks!

    Trisha: Ty much :) Glad you liked my take on it.

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