Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You Inspire Me...well...some stuff does that may or may not be you...

Inspiration. One of my favorite things about being a writer (or sometimes pretending to be a writer maybe) is that we get inspiration from the most random of places. I LOVE (lloovvee) reading about how people get their ideas. It’s both an interest and mild form of procrastination to me. Almost can’t live without looking up author processes now. Obsessive, I know.

It’s crazy to me where the ideas come from. I know the answer to this question when answered by writers is typically “I was in the shower” or “It just came to me one day, go fig.” But I still love hearing about it. Even more so if they say, “I read this obscure song by this band you are going to love, and it helped me write my best-selling series on mermaids, aardvarks, and the like.”

What do I love the best? The dream inspirations. Now, that’s saying something because I love me some inspirations from songs, but dreams are just…sigh…they are where it’s at for inspiration for me. Even though it’s always upsetting when I say, “Of course, Bugs Bunny traveling the earth as my funky heroine’s companion” only to realize after the dream fog clears that…well…Bugs Bunny was in my dream and did most of the talking and the idea generally sucks. Not cool. Not a cool feeling at all.

But I have had some rock star ideas come from dreams, and I always feel like I’ve been hand delivered a blockbuster when the idea even after the fog seems flawless. I must admit, I might have it easier than some to pull from dreams seeing as my dreams tend to be pretty cinematic. I’m in; I observe; it comes to some kind of conclusion (unless I’m woken up).

So, I have to ask the big internet world out there: Where do you get your inspiration; what’s an inspiring song I can add to my growing collection; and do dreams turn into novels for any of you? Do tell in the comments section. 

And again, I leave you with a song that will always seem random (and typically is except for the fact that I'll like all the ones I post...). I was singing this song all of the time when I was a kid after hearing it once on the radio. I just now found it. So now you can too:

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