Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Routine Blog Checking

I thought I'd take the time to write about a few blogs that I manage to make time to check on an almost daily basis (okay maybe not daily, but whenever I happen to be on). Are they the best blogs ever? You be the judge, but they keep me entertained enough that I feel the need to check them on the regular. Who knows? Maybe they'll become some of your regulars too... [links available through the blog headers]

Literary Rambles:  This is a blog I found almost a year ago. I'm sure a lot of people have heard of this one by now, but I used to be borderline obsessed with it---mainly because of the exhaustive list of literary agent profiles. Now that I'm leaning towards self-pubbing, I look at these a little less, but are the a valuable resource regardless? I think so. And, nowadays, Casey is regularly posting writing tips, reviews, (and seemingly thanks to her new partner) giveaways, you have an even bigger reason to stop on by the Literary Rambles site.

Words on Words by Maggie Stiefvater: This is Maggie's personal blog where she blogs about tea, travel, books, and promotional items. Whether or not you are a fan of her books, the site is entertaining if for nothing else than to see how a author promotes his or her own work well and the book events she covers.

Invincible Summer: Hannah is crazy entertaining. She promotes herself, talks about her writing style, and shows her book covers and thought processes. I'm a sucker for authors talking about how they write, and again, she's humorous. So, why not?

Nerd Girl Reads & Writes: I love this blog. I read it often, comment seldomly, but the love is still there. Becca is trying to become a published author and talks about her new projects, blog contests, giveaways, and tons of stuff relates to the writing world. I just like fresh perspectives and hearing about people with new ideas. Plus, she writes about music she likes, and I've gotten new good song selections from her. I'm a sucker for book meets music blogs (cough...)

The Story Siren: This is where I go when I'm looking for new YA. Kristi gives great reviews, and really, her blog is like THE shining example of how book blogs should be done. Good reviews, giveaways, relevant advertisements, author interviews: basically the baked potato with the works of the book blogging world.

Joyously Prolific: I'm basically in awe with how much Lazette writes. I read just because the sheer volume of it is nothing short of inspirational.

YA Lit Six: a bunch of YA writers (I think they're all YA, some MG too) take turns (each having a day) to write about something, get this, related to writing. Gotta love it. It's interesting to have so many perspectives attacking a subject I could (and sometimes do) read about all day.

A Newbie's Guide to Publishing: I LOVE this blog. Sort of (Fully) addicted to it. Joe Konrath, who I've mentioned before on this blog, writes tons of posts about self-publishing. Hearing his stats is so impressive it's almost hypnotizing. Seriously. Read his blog often, regardless of whether or not you're into traditional or self-publishing.

My Blood Approves: Amanda Hocking's story [self-publishing (now also traditional)] is amazing. She's honest and likes a ton of stuff that I like, which is always a plus. Also a plus, I love her stories, which I encourage you to buy here)--I mean for what they cost they are completely worth it. She didn't become a millionaire from lack of talent.

Okay that's the list as it stands so far. I'll be sure to update it in future posts.

I'm leaving y'all with another song, because...that's what I do (as the last 2 posts demonstrate lol). I LOOoOOve this song, and hearing it on Syfy's Face Off (amazing) was how I heard it; so I figure I'd let you all have the same experience.


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  2. Huh, the word verification ate my last comment--I'll try again, lol!

    I follow several of these, but some are new, so I'll check them out. It would be interesting to hear AH's story in her own words.

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  3. wow! thanks so much for including TSS!! I'm the loaded backed potato! YES!

  4. Thank you so much for including me :D

  5. Great list!! There are a few here I'm not familiar with. Will check them out. And thank you for including Lit Rambles!

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  7. So sorry I had to delete my previous post! I made a HORRID typo and could not let it be seen, LOL. Anyway, here's what I said sans ugly typo:
    I've gone through the list again and am in love with some of the blogs! I am bookmarking this page so that I don't forget, lol. Also, I am a great fan of Lazette's work and inspired by Amanda Hocking's story as well. All good stuff. Thanks again. :)