Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kindle as Krack Addiction

I have a lot of books in my To-Be-Read pile. A lot. A Whole lot actually. I could say that I have a desk, but in all reality I have a large pile of books that comprise what should be a desk (at least underneath where things with desk-purpose should be held). It’s almost intimidating. But, the problem lies in the fact that I’ve recently (as of January) purchased a Kindle, and now I’m kind of a Kindle freak. I am constantly looking on Amazon to find the next great book (YA usually). That’s not shocking, but what has changed is that now I’m looking for fantastical INDIE books. Almost primarily.

So, what this comes down to is that I’d love to add more books to my ever-growing To-Be-Read-On-The-Kindle (TBRK) pile. Here’s what I’ve gotten so far:

The Trylle trilogy [Trolls (non-traditional), romance, fairy tale-ish without the gag factor, soon to be movie] and My Blood Approves series [Vampires, romance, love triangles (I live for them)] by Amanda Hocking, who by now, I’m almost sure you’ve heard of. Hers is an amazing story. Read this immediately if you don’t know about her.

Amanda Hocking’s Hollowland [YA Zombies] is on the TBRK pile. Looks good. First pages sound good.

Just purchased Maid for Me [girl working as maid, romance suspected to ensue] by Kat and Eve Lieu, which has gotten pretty good reviews. I’ll let you know how it is.

Been reading Falling from Grace [Misfit female MC, Romance, angels, angst] for a while now, on and off.

Same can be said for Immortal [Vamps, romance, love triangle (sense a trend?)] by Lauren Burd. Pretty okay for what I’ve read as of yet, but for some reason once it turned to mostly action, I’m struggling a little with it.

And I bought a traditionally published book on the Kindle: Forget You [girl coming of age sexually, romance, amnesia] by Jennifer Echols. Eh, was okay. Her Going Too Far [angst, bad girl MC, cop/mentor love interest], though, read on my iPod actually, I dug truly.

And then there’s the list of books I’ve grabbed samples for but haven’t committed to yet:
            Beautiful Demons by Sarra Cannon
            Monster by Kate Licht and Noel i
            Tempest (Destroyers, Book 1) by Holly Hook
Trapped by Jack Kilborn and J.A.Konrath (READ HIS BLOG, seriously. Do It. Go on)
Jenny Pox by JL Bryan
Turned by Morgan Rice
Not What She Seems by Victorine E. Lieske
The Anti-Vampire Tale by Lewis Aleman
The Wicked Woods by Kailin Gow
Breathless by Heather C. Hudak
Breathless by V.J. Chambers
PULSE by Kailin Gow

If I turn those books into purchases, I’ll be sure to update you, and I’ll even provide a brief snippet category list/summary-but-not-really with them in these things [] as I did earlier*.

Wondering how I heard about these books? Well, the answer is various places, but I did just stumble upon a discussion of YA books (some of which I added and/or bought). It’s really interesting to read. Check it out here.

Let me know if you hear about a bomb-diggity (ha.) ebook on Amazon that I need to read in order to live (or enjoy myself for a while…you know, whichever.) by commenting below or emailing me. Pretty. Pretty. Please. Also, if you’ve read any of the ebooks in my should I purchase?/should I not? sample list, let me know if they’re worth their hard drive space.

*Hate the little [ ] tags? Want full reviews instead or more details? Email me or comment below and let me know, and I’ll rectify that if there’s interest.

And finally, I leave you with an Eisley song, in honor of them having a new album recently released. This song is from the first full album though, and I like it. For my friends, it was a little bit like a gateway drug into the Eisley awesomeness.


  1. Thanks for sharing your recommended reads. I will have to check some of these out.

  2. Thanks for the interest. My goal is to add more books and get more detailed as I process my way through them. Thanks for stopping by!