Thursday, September 8, 2011


First off, YAY. I have exactly 200 followers at this very moment. That is beyond amazing to me. Thank you to everyone who took the time to press the follow button and to all of you who take the time to comment on my posts. It means a lot, and I'm glad you all are here!!!

I also want to thank Beth Kemp, who has a cute writing blog called Thoughts from the Hearthfire, which you all should check out(--> She just wrote her 100th post?!?! How awesome is that? Woot). She just tagged me the other day, and I'm excited to do it and to pass it on.

Now, I have to give 10 random facts about myself and pass it on to 5 people. Here goes.

1. I used to name my cars. My first car was Carl; second one was Bryce. My current car doesn't have a name for some reason. 

2. When I was a teen, I hated the color pink. I was way too angsty for pink. Now I like it. Go fig.

3. I thought I would be a psychologist when I was growing up, but then I fell in love with books and that took over.

4. I like learning things. I am now known to prowl the non-fiction for interesting how to's.

5. I am knitting a quilt that never ends, which I think I mentioned before. It'll be made of 5x5 knit squares of every color I thought was cute while in the yarn aisle. Only Red Heart brand yarn so far, btw. 

6. I like street rods and car shows, and even drag races, but I know almost nothing about cars. 

7. I LOVE roller-coasters. The scarier, the higher, the faster, the better.  (I used to be weak-in-the-knees terrified, really until I was about 15).

8. I really like doing my nails with nail stamp art, but I can't stand it if I have chipped nails (or nails of uneven length at that). 

9. I love SKIP BO and Phase 10 (regular, Master's, and Twist...not Dice, though I do own it).

10. My favorite basketball related game is Knockout. Hands down. No contest. I can't not play knockout if it's going on. AMAZING. 

Okay, I tag:
E.R.King at Get Busy Writing
Tiffany Garner at Victim of Writing
Mark Noce at Mark Noce Stories

Now to leave you with a song to write by, "Someone Like You" by Adele. A new <3. This video is especially cool because she talks about it before and recorded it in her own home.

Heads Up, I should have another book review up tomorrow :)


  1. (Grr Blogger's being a pain. Sorry if I end up commenting lots of times, it doesn't seem to be working!)

    Yay! A tag! I'll get on this soon, I promise.

  2. You named your cars? My dad did that, but they were all named Pepe. Lol I love roller coasters too.

  3. Thanks so much for tagging me, Kelley! You're so sweet! It was fun to learn more about you, and I'm excited to do this!

  4. I appreciate you tagging me, Kelly! I can't imagine ever hating the color pink. When I was a baby, I liked it so much I cried until my mother put me in my dirty pink pj's. The blue ones just didn't cut it.
    It was great to get to know you better!

  5. Adele reminds me a lot of JK Rowling when she does interviews. Beautiful song.

  6. congrats on 200 minions :) When's the party to celebrate it?

  7. 200! What a mile stone. These were such fun answers. I name my cars too :) My mini van is named Goldie (not very creative, but I let the kids pick the name :)

  8. i like learning things after i learn them. when i know i have to learn something and put in the time and effort, i'm unhappy about it:)
    congratulations on 200.

  9. oh my do I love a good roller coaster ride!

  10. Ooo was I the 200th follower then? Cooleo. Great answers - I still hate pink though but do love a good roller coaster.

  11. Hated pink - :D. So did my sister. I think her colour of choice was black. When she was a bit younger though, she loved it!

    Whenever you mention the knitted quilt, it makes me want to get back to knitting. Unfortunately, I've never tried a quilt and wouldn't known where to start.

    As for rollercoasters - I'm with you.

  12. Cool tag! And that's a fantastic song, thanks for sharing it! :)

  13. I love your blog, and I am glad for your 200 followers you deserve everyone.

    Thx for not tagging me, I always feel guilty for not participating when I get an award or likewise.

  14. I've never named a car, but I've always loved pink. And Adelle is one of my faves!

  15. Congrats on hitting 200!! Love the song!

  16. Wow, and here I was all excited to be closing in on 50! Congratulations!

    PS: the quilt thing is awesome!

  17. Congrats on being tagged! I never got over my fear of roller coasters, which my kids think is pretty funny. Oh well. Might as well be amusing to them. LOL!

  18. Sangu: looking forward to it!

    Miranda Hardy: Pepe's a good one :)

    Tiffany Garner: YAY! And NP :)

    E.R.King: lol. Great story. Yeah, I was too dramatic for pink (and in my hatred of it)

    Steph Schmidt: I can see that for sure. I know, right?

    DEZMOND: I'm going to have to do one one of these days... :)

    Angie Cothran: TY! Goldie's a good one, I'd say

    Ed Pilolla: YA! I know what you mean. I'm happy as long as it's optional lol

    Prerna Pickett: They're amazing!

    Freya Morris: Sweet and I used to say Coolio ALL of the time :)

    C D Meetens: Ditto about the former love of black. And for knitting, neither do I. That's half of the fun lol

    Bethany Elizabeth: NP, TY!

    Jeff King: Awww, TY! And No Worries. I'll keep that in mind

    Elana Johnson: I <3 it now and me too

    Carrie Butler: TY! TY! :)

    Jenna Cooper: TY! Sigh, me too :)

    Megan: 50's a BIG milestone too! and TY :)

    Brooke Rousseau: As long as they're happy! :)

  19. I'm like you in regards to #1 & 2. Only I give my cars girl names. Rachel and Sasha. Although Sasha could be a boy's name.

    I did my 10 today. We are completely opposites on roller coasters :).

  20. I got a knitting How To a couple of years back and still have no idea what I'm doing! Be sure to post pics of your knitting masterpiece when you're done with it!

  21. Isis: Mine are always boys. I named other people's cars too...Boys. lol

    Kathleen: For sure :)

  22. A friend of mine recently introduced me to Adele. I can't get enough of her music. She's amazing.

  23. I'm with you on learning new stuff. There's nothing more exciting, I think.

  24. Rolling in the Deep made me a BIG Adele fan. Thanks for posting the song!

    And nice facts. ;)

  25. Oh my goodness, I love Skip-Bo! An 87-year-old man in Wyoming taught it to me this summer (really). And I was hooked! Also, Adele is amazing. Just breathtaking. Thanks for tagging me!