Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Question Me

This is slightly delayed from yesterday as I decided to make yesterday's post a the 1st campaigner challenge :)

Hi, everyone! I hope y'all had a fantabulous holiday weekend. I did. Let's see. 
  • I knitted a handful of squares for my knitted quilt that never ends; 
  • I played badminton like I was being paid for it, against my fiance (we didn't keep score, but I'm betting he won…just a thought);
  • we had a grill-out, not to be confused with a cookout, because that would involve people outside of my homage, lol;
  • annnnd I spent way too much time on Urban Threads blog (Ah-mazing) dreaming of being crafty and Pinterest, also dreaming of being crafty. 
All in all, I had good times, and I hope you did as well.

Today, I want to do another Q&A with y'all. Really, there are only 2 questions, one to test something that I've been thinking about, and one to…okay they both fall into that category.  Fair warning, these questions may be more applicable to my writer readers out there…But I want anyone and everyone to answer :)

1. Does your writing of one thing bleed into you having a passion to write other things? (like lyrics, picture books, scripts, jingles, poetry, tshirts, slogans, etc…)

2. When you mistype/misspell a word a few words back into what you're writing, do you erase back to that word or move your cursor back and fix the error? (I have a theory that these are the only definitive categories of writer types that exist. Lol. You know, maybe…)

Here's my answers to start the ball rolling…

1. YES. My problem is I want to write everything, and I know I will and do. Poetry, script ideas, a want to write children's books too, tshirts, lyrics…I have brain book entries for them all.

2. I erase back if I make a mistake. I know its counterproductive, but it's true. At least I type quickly enough to balance that…

It's your turn below!

Now to leave you with a song to write by, "How Many Times, How Many Lies" by The Pussycat Dolls. I think when I go diva and sing (moving my hands to match whatever octave I pretend to hit), I rock this song.

And on one last final note, thanks for all of the <3 for my flash fiction entry yesterday. I'm really glad you all seemed to like it. I kind of like the restrictions, and I'm thinking about doing a self-pubbed collections of shorts. I don't know if I should make them short stories or a whole bunch of flash fictions. Either way, they'd all be around a central theme. What do you all think? Short stories or flash? Let me know below!


  1. To answer your questions, yes my current project seeps into all others. I'm a one story at a time kinda gal. Anything else would be cheating. ; )
    Also, I do go back and fix errors, but only after I finish the sentence or paragraph. My perfectionist brain won't allow or anything less.

  2. Not a writer so can't really comment. If I make a typo then I just move the mouse rather than delete an entire sentence: seems logical, don't you think?

    I'm not really in to shorts, unless it's by Richard Yates. He was the king of shorts. His shorts were thematically well thought out that's why I lurrve them.

  3. Excellent getting to know you better! I'm off to read your flash fiction.

  4. I usually write novels, but I've written a lot of songs just for fun and a few scripts. I'm also a huge fan of fanfiction, and believe that you can develop some great writing skills that way without the pressure of it having to be query-worthy.

    When I make typos, I'm like you--I backspace everything just to fix the one typo. (Did it just a couple seconds ago :D) I too type really fast, so it doesn't really make a time difference to me. Actually probably makes me faster. I use my mouse (or pad) as little as possible.

    And personally, though I enjoy short stories, I think flash fiction is much more interesting. But whatever you prefer doing would work. Maybe a combination of both? :)

  5. I also erase back :) My fingers are quicker than the cursor and the mouse :)

  6. I would say no to the first question. I'm interested in writing everything, but my ideas don't bleed into them. And to the second question, I'm like you. I erase back.

    I really enjoy flash fiction. Good luck.

  7. 1. Nope. If I have to write those things it's more to avoid my manuscripts being dated by referencing something popular currently.

    2. I actually use the arrow keys, last resort is using the mouse. A few years of programming made me less inclined to take my hands off the keyboard to use the mouse.

  8. Never anything but novels!

    If I mistype a word (e.g. their/there) and notice it a few words on, I erase and retype. If it's a misspell, I leave it for spellcheck :-)

  9. yes, I want to write everything, I even have an idea for a television show...but that desire also crosses job titles- I also want to be fashion designer, an interior designer, a chef, and on a housemate on the Real World- blame it on my obsession with reality television contests. And I sometimes go back and erase, it depends on how fast the words are coming and how long it takes my brain to register them.

  10. Pinterest is SO addicting! Seriously. I can't get on there very often because I'll spend hours looking at all the amazing things they have on there. :)
    Also, I only write YA. I can't write children's books, poetry or screenplays, so I'll just stick to novels. ;)
    And if the misspelled word is really obvious, I'll use the mouse to delete the misspelled word and then fix it. I never delete the whole paragraph or sentence. :) Nice to *meet* you! :D

  11. 1. Not really. Occasionally I have a short story that bleeds into a novel idea...

    2. I erase everything I typed to fix that word! Perhaps counterproductive, but I hate stopping to get the mouse and click on the word to fix it. ;)

  12. 1. i write journalism stories as well as creative fiction, and it's a struggle to muscle up the enthusiasm for journalism after the colorful energy that creative writing provides.

    2. i erase if i know the correct spelling. otherwise i arrow and play around with it before stomping off for my dictionary.

  13. 1. I totally agree with you on this, my interests bleed into others ALL the time!
    2. I move the cursor back, unless it's super close to what I just typed. :)

  14. Always! When I'm writing something new it seems like it bleeds into writing poetry. I'm not so talented that I would be able to write a book of poetry, but it's something that happens to me. :P

  15. I sometimes steal characters from other pieces I'm working on and stick them into current pieces. Sometimes they fit better in the new one.

    And as for the errors, it depends. I just did both right now typing up this comment. I think it depends on how far back the mistake is.

  16. I am very particular about writing, even at work. And I do bleed over into other things a bit, like poetry.

    As for the typo/delete thing, I do both. Though most often I delete all the way back and retype, because like you said, I type fast and it's almost faster.

  17. I took characters from my first novel and added them to my current one. I think it works better. I type fast, and then go back and see what I did. Thanks for sharing.

  18. LOL. Yeah, I erase back too. Not sure why.

  19. Whatever I'm currently working on seems to seep into everything else. And for some reason, I erase everything and rewrite it again when my fingers slip up. Maybe I'm just backspace-happy, but it seems faster than going through and highlighting only the offending word.

  20. I always delete the whole word. Not sure why! Hm... now I'm going to think of you every time I do it. :)

  21. OK answer number 1: I sometimes write a poem which then turns into a story. Not the same thing I know but it's as near as it gets.

    Answer number 2: I used to teach keyboard skills when life was tough and I had to do two jobs to pay the bills so I NEVER delete back to a mistake even though my typing is quick enough to cope.

  22. I'm really curious about this knitted quilt thing.

  23. E.R.King: My perfectionist brain does the opposite. I messed up, so it all has to go lol

    Movies on my mind: I'm not always logical lol

    Elana Johnson: Nice to have you an awesome author :)

    Tiffany Garner: I've heard that about fanfiction. Yay, I'm not alone and thanks for the advice

    DEZMOND: Woo for erasers!

    Miranda Hardy: We're almost just alike. Thanks for chiming in :)

    Steph Schmidt: Interesting. If it's too far back, I'll use the arrow keys too

    Sarah Pearson: Well novels are the best :)

    Prerna Pickett: We're very alike goal wise. I want to do it all.

    Chantele Sedgwick: OMG I know. Pinterest is dangerous like that. I use the iPod app mostly.

    CNHolmberg: Exactly! to #2

    Ed Pilolla: I can see #1 being true

    Bethany Elizabeth: Yay for like people :)

    Alleged Author: Never say never. I <3 poetry

    Marlena Cassidy: Good idea!

    Alexia: I do both too, but usually erase

    Ladonna Watkins: Thanks for commenting :)

    E.Arroyo: We're just cool like that :)

    Jenna Blake Morris: I totally agree

    Talli Rowland: I knew there was a reason I wrote this post :)

    Rosalind Adam: Good enough :) Good to know :)

    Alicia Gregoire: It's slow going, but it keeps the hands busy

  24. For me, question 1 is that I tend to only want to write stories, not slogans or picture books, etc. The ideas I get are usually for novel length stories.

    With question 2, I move the cursor back rather than delete. I think I'm afraid I'll forget what I've written ;).

    I'm also curious about the knitted quilt. I'd really like to do something like that.

  25. Alicia and C D: I wrote a lil' bit more about the quilt today actually :)