Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Silver and Stone: A Review

Hello all!

Here's one of the reviews I've been promising, and it's a self-pub, which makes me all the happier.

Welcome to high school high society hell, where last season’s slingbacks can warrant a lunch table demotion, the wrong date will knock you off the it-list and behind every pair of oversized Chanel sunglasses lies a secret people are dying to keep. 

As if senior year at Weatherford Preparatory School wasn’t hard enough, sixteen year old Alexis Bardolph had to add school outcast to the curriculum.

A new found notoriety following a family scandal, her lacrosse star boy-friend dumping her for a former BFF and a string of perpetually bad hair days were among the many things going wrong in her already turbulent teenage life.

But when the haunting nightmares that have plagued her since childhood begin to take an eerily tangible form and several Holler Creek residents are reported missing, Alexis can’t help but wonder if there isn’t more to her hellish dreams than meets the eye.

The unexpected arrival of a mysterious and dangerously handsome new student ultimately leads Alexis to troubling truths that not even her wildest imagination could have conjured.

Title: Silver and Stone: The Bloodlines Series
Author: J.D. Thompson
Publisher: Self
Publication Date: 2011
Source: Author (ebook given in exchange for honest review)

Cover: The cover does its job and gives you a definite YA wispy vibe.

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance. I can’t be more specific as to what type of paranormal activity is going on since the book spends a lot of time building up to that, but the premise is more original than most.

Plot: This book has a lot going for it. The writing is good, and the beginning to middle of the book keeps you reading and wondering what exactly will happen next. There’s an element of mystery that I think a lot of people would enjoy, and for the majority of the book, Alexis is pretty likeable. The premise that frames the story is really original and was one of my favorite macabre parts about the story. 

Romantic Element: You know I’m a sucker for romance in YA, and this book definitely has it. It did feel a bit rushed to me. I tend to like a long lead-in for these things, but that’s personal preference, and other people will find the love interest entertaining. And there’s drama. Oh, how I love drama—in books--just thought I’d clarify.

Overall: This book has its highs and lows, but definitely has more highs than lows. I think my only slight complaint is pacing. J.D. does an amazing job of it for the majority, but when it comes to the romantic bits and the end itself, I felt a little rushed. BUT the end does set up the next book nicely, making you want more, and overall, I enjoyed it. Fans of YA paranormal romance would be pleased overall with this book as the beginning of a series. And for 99 cents? It’d be hard to ask for more.

What do you all think? Are you going to read it? Lemme know below!


  1. Sounds like an interesting book!

  2. Awesome review! The book sounds fabulous!

  3. It's too bad that pieces of it are rushed. But if it's a first book and self-published, then it's understandable. I would definitely read it.

  4. Sounds mysterious. I'd pick it up.

  5. I like the cover. YA tends to have catchy covers...dunno if that's because they need to or not. Happy New Year and all that :)

  6. Thanks for the holiday wishes, Nancy and Michael! And big thanks for the comments, everyone! I'm off to blog hop a little :)